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Linux programs equivalent to Windows

Migrating from Windows to Linux programs can be a very easy way when the list is clear in mind. Just do a list of regular programs that you use to run on Windows and look around for equivalent. There is so many software in Linux World avaiable that shouldn't be a problem to find similar things for Linux. You start using few and later you find a lot of them, in Ubuntu Software Center for example or other sources.

I will post here a small list of what I had used before on Windows and what I use now on Ubuntu. I dont't need special software like Photoshop or other software with high complexity, so it is quite easy for me to handle stuff with Ubuntu on the regular day. If you still need to run some Windows Software on linux, PlayOnLinux can be a real help. PlayOnLinux allows you to run your favourite Windows software under Linux. Another interesting thing is Ubuntu Studio with is a distro that came ready for Multimedia Production, Image, Video and Music tools being prepared to be used with high efficiency.

My list of software replacements Win->Linux:

/** Commanders: */
Total Commander -> Gnome Commander/Krusader/Midnight Commander

/** Virtual Machine: */
VMWare Player Win -> VMWare Player Linux / VirtualBox / KVM

/** File Transfer: */
Filezilla / WinSCP -> Filezilla

/** Image editos: */
PhotoFiltre / Photoshop -> Pinta / Gimp

/** Music trackers: */
Skaletracker -> Milkytracker

/** Text Editor: */
Crimson Editor/Notepad -> Bluefish/gEdit

/** IDE: */
Eclipse/phpStorm -> Aptana/phpStorm

/** Browsers: */
Safari/IE/Firefox/Chrome -> Chromium/Chrome/Firefox

/** Video Editors: */
VirtualDub/Avidemux -> Openshot/Avidemux

/** Office: */
Ms Office/OpenOffice -> OpenOffice/LibreOffice

/** Desktop Capture: */
Hypercam/Camstudio -> Shutter/Gimp

/** File content comparison: */
Total comamnder ->Meld Diff viewer

/** Zipping: */
Winrar/Winzip/7zip/Wace -> Tar/Zip/Gz

/** Other IDE */
monoDevelop -> KDevelop/monoDevelop

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