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Similarities between real life and computer world

Sometimes I think about these similarities and get a clear imagine about the fine line between computers and our life, philosophical thoughts I would say. It is a game of imagination, we copy nature, we create a virtual world in computers which is a copy of us, of our world, of our conceptions.

Sometimes we see similarities between brain cells and modern simulation of galaxy, is it not or maybe is nonsense. As we observed, every cells structure has nodes and connections, so is fascinating. Now, for your amusement, I will enumerate a list with possible similarities between us and computer world:

Computer Languages (C++, Java, PHP, Python) - World Languages (English and other languages)

Communicating and knowing multiple languages, makes the Communication better. English can be seen as Assembler language, base language, universal. Spanish, German, French and other few can be as strong languages like C++ and Java.

Computer Cache - History artefacts

In comparison, we can find old artefacts underground, the result of mankind activity. The same thing can be found as cache in computers, old activity with left traces. Both can be analysed, both give a certain date in time and other informations.

Software/Applications/Tools - Real life products/Cars/Life Beans

Software runs in the OS System and so we, acting like a Computer Program combined with Intelligence (AI), executing tasks and learning from past experience. A tool can be a Car, which is used for a scope, the same with deploy script or cronjob in computer world.

Software hooks(WF) - Life hooks(LF)

As we see, hook are made to create work flows in activity, to improve the process. So, we have such things too, I would call them life flows, can be morning coffee, sport activities, meetings, etc..

Game cheaters - Life cheaters

Like in games, there are people which always try to cheat in some way the rules/systems. They have "cheat codes", connections, informations.

System OS/Game Simulations - Communism/Capitalism

Social, political, economic system, each of these can be associated with Computer OS, Windows, Linux, Mac. Each OS system (North Korea, USA) can run in parallel with other systems on the same machine(Earth).

Frameworks - Society forms( schools, fabrics, industry)

Described as "software providing generic functionality" or "universal, reusable software environment that provides particular functionality", we see that schools and other entities from society are having this meaning, universal role to produce the mass of individuals with certain skills in short time ( high school, university, companies ).

Police/Army/ISIS/Gangs - Computer Anti-virus and Viruses, Malware

We may say that Police/Army is the Anti-virus in our OS. On the other side we see terrorists and gangs (some of game cheaters) damaging the OS, stealing the system resources, acting like Malware Programs, kind of Stuxnet equivalent in real life. But also Gov. Agencies/Police are acting in a grey zone, collaborating with Gangs sometimes.

OS Hardware VM Platform - Earth?

Yep, everything runs here on Earth for the moment, so Earth is the Hardware that supports multiple OS systems :)
We have some observers (satellites) in our Network (Solar system). This part sounds pretty scary if we think that on computers sometimes we have to do a complete format, to delete completely the OS and all files/settings and to re-install a new fresh OS, which can be the same OS or new OS version.

Computer Network/Hardware - Our Solar system

We have many photos from are Network, still we don't know how it fully works (Universal Forces - Communications protocols) at least we know how are computer protocols work :)

Computer Cloud - Galaxy

Our galaxy is a cloud of stars, our computer network is a cloud of VM machines. If VM machines can be switched off, can be an Solar system switched off too (Black holes or Crashes).

All Computer Clouds/Internet - Universe

The complete amount of Computer Clouds, Galaxies.


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