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James Bond Brexit Phantom a possible parody

I know, I am not a Script Writer, Regisseur nor Movie Studio but if I was one of these, I really do a movie like this.

I have this idea since last year in my head and it could be a success maybe, maybe not. Anyway, it is an idea for reddit topic "films never made".

The main concept would be to bring together all Big British Comedy Actors in a Mega production, a parody of James Bond.

Exactly as "The Avengers" or "The Expendables" movies , best Actors of the moment and not only, will be involved in a super production Movie, working together with best Regisseurs.

And here is how I would do this:

Imaginary Casting could be:

David Walliams as 007
Michaela Coel as 007 assistent
Matt Lucas as Dr Evil Maleficent
Rowan Atkinson as MI6 researcher inventor
Elizabeth Jane Hurley as james girl
Ricky Dene Gervais as 007 Boss
Mike Myers as 009

Air Afrikaans actrices ( in the same roll of flight attendants )
Lowe, Barunka O' Shaughnessy and ..

Special casting guests:
Kate McKinnon (snl) as Dr Evil Assistent
Beck Bennett (snl) as KGB agent

Random Script Ideas:

007 want to drive somewhere with his astom martin but car was
"stolen" by city service that picks illegal cars from street.

MI6 research department guy ( Mr.Bean ) is presenting new silly inventions to 007

007 talking with his boss in MI6 office in the same way he talks
in Little Britain with Prime Minister

007 flying with Air Afrikaans arguig with the flight attendants

007 meeting the queen accidentaly in some crazy place

007 talking with Alexa from Amazon with English Accent

007 meeting KGB agent in Sainsbury's supermark at
shopping and spying each other

007 action sceene in Subway , because he is not
finding his Aston Martin ...

007 meeting 009 at the doctor

007 on yacht, trading informations with other agent

Possible filming locations?

Cupa Cabanba Brazil
French Riviere France
London Center
Queen Palast
Moskaw Center

Regisseur Team will be a mix collaboration of original
007 Specter Team and Little Britain Team.

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