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My name is Emil. I am a programmer, passionate by coding, music, video and photography

Object Detection Showcases

I can call it alternatively as Ideation Discovery Process on Object Detection Topic. One Tech Feature, many possibilities.
In 5 minutes I got a lot of ideas on how this Object Detection can be used.

Detection proces can run on cron, every 3-5 minutes, and chould be easy implemented and archivable using an old computer (2 CPU, 2-4GB RAM).

Simple implementations and Ideas

Kid detection - Kid Monitoring

- check if your kid is in room/house/apartment. Get SMS message if is not.
Such a product already exists and does video streaming from Baby room monitors, sold in Amazon.

Pet detection - Pet Tracker

- check if your cat/dog is in room/house/apartment. Get SMS message if is not.
Already in amazon as Petzi Treat Cam, Pawbo Pet Camera, PetChatz HD, Petcube, Motorola Scout66, Eyenimal Cat Videocam
GoPro with Fetch Harness, Arlo Smart Home Security Camera Kit

Trespassing Detection System - Surveillance Cameras

- check if strangers are visiting your proprety or house.
If person detected on area, send sms + picture

Package detection - stock check

- check if packages in your logistic center are few or too many

Car parking detection

- check how many cars are in park area

Traffic light detection

- check how many cars are waiting at red color

Multiple persons detection - by Cash Point

- if in store are many persons before Cash Point In Hypermarket Store, open a new Cash Point

Multiple persons detection - by Buss/Subway Train Station

- if in Buss/Subway Train station are many persons , add new Buss/Subway Train in Circuit

Car detection in Tunnel

- open more lanes if too many cars are in Tunnel