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Building a video timeline with d3js and php

I use to watch the Daily Show News on Youtube periodically. Meanwhile the Team did a Live at SXSW 2019 Event. Watching the 45 minutes video I had that impression Watching the 45 minutes video I had that impression that some interventions in LIVE were to short from some Team members. So I said, let's check out how much each member of the team spoke.

I did a Video re-watch, at 1.5 speed and wrote down every start and stop talk of each member. Then I create an array having Team names as index and talks sub array as timeline for each team member. And yes, I was right, the moderator was on top 3, asking 7 team members requires many interventions in talk.

PHP code for calculation:

Following results came out of time calculation:

Top Total time calculated in percent

Trevor Noah 34.51%
Jake Tapper 16.4%
Dulcé Sloan 10.33%
Roy Wood Jr. 8.38%
Michael Kosta 7.89%
Ronny Chieng 6.93%
Desi Lydic 6.71%
Jaboukie Young-White 5.33%

Total time in seconds for each Participant in Talk

* Jake Tapper - total seconds 443 - Minutes: 7.38
* Trevor Noah - total seconds 932 - Minutes: 15.53
* Desi Lydic - total seconds 181 - Minutes: 3.02
* Ronny Chieng - total seconds 187 - Minutes: 3.12
* Dulcé Sloan - total seconds 279 - Minutes: 4.65
* Roy Wood Jr. - total seconds 226 - Minutes: 3.77
* Jaboukie Young-White - total seconds 144 - Minutes: 2.4
* Michael Kosta - total seconds 213 - Minutes: 3.55


The Daily Show News Team Live | SXSW 2019

Timeline using d3.js