7 Fantastic Color Pickers based on jQuery ( 24 )



The color picker is very useful when you have to pick a color in some configuration window tool. On the next links are few amazing examples of color pickers writed as jQurey plugins, easy to use, with great design too.
Farbtastic jQuery plug-in http://acko.net/dev/farbtastic
mColorPicker jQuery plug-in http://blog.meta100.com/post/600571131/mcolorpicker
3 Amazing jQuery Color Pickers http://komunitasweb.com/2009/09/3-amazing-jquery-color-picker-plugins/
Simple Color Picker in jQuery http://laktek.com/2008/10/27/really-simple-color-picker-in-jquery/
ColorPicker http://wiki.jqueryui.com/w/page/12137750/ColorPicker
jPicker jQuery Color Picker http://www.digitalmagicpro.com/jPicker/
Color Picker Eyecon jQuery plugin http://www.eyecon.ro/colorpicker/