4 examples of clouds animation using jQuery Framework ( 30 )



Here are four 13 astonishing cloud, rain or snow moving animations examples using jQuery Framework. An infinite loop animations. Combined with other jQuery effects can provide wonderful results as animation. I have in mind now these possibilities, rain with clouds mixed and firefly with snow mixed.
Clear air challenge - clouds animated http://clearairchallenge.com/
Koormann - clouds animated http://koormann.de/
Biberons - clouds animated http://www.biberons-cloud.fr/
Joey Lomanto - clouds animated http://blog.joeylomanto.com/imitation-in-web-design
Rahult - clouds animated http://www.rahult.com/
Brogdalecic - clouds animated http://brogdalecic.co.uk/summer-activities/
Css Rockets - clouds animated http://www.cssrockets.com/#about1
Esiema - clouds animated http://esiema.de/
Rainyday Interactive - rain drops animated http://rainydayinteractive.net/
Priid - snow animated http://priid.com/
Pixel Baecker - space meteor animated http://www.pixelbaecker.de/
It's firefly - particles animated http://www.itsfirefly.com/
Schillmania - snowstorm animated http://www.schillmania.com/projects/snowstorm/
Treasurehunts.ie - clouds animated http://treasurehunts.ie/