8 Regular Expression Online Tester Apps You Should Know ( 31 )



Sometimes is required a short test when you try to write some new rule to catch some string and to replace with something else or just to redirect some old page in apache to a new page. For that you need a regex expression and you can test this expression directly online instread of using some program with installer in your system. Online testing is much faster.
Regex Tester 2.0 alpha http://www.regextester.com/index2.html
Online RegExp Tester Regex-Tester http://regexp-tester.mediacix.de/exp/regex/
REGex TESTER http://www.regextester.com/
Regular Expression Test Page using RegExp http://www.net-comber.com/regxx.html
Regexpal http://regexpal.com/
RegExp-Evaluator http://regexp-evaluator.de/evaluator/