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My name is Emil. I am a programmer, passionate by coding, music, video and photography

Building a 3D Products Room using Three.js and jQuery

Here is a little demo in three.js, a 3D room containing 3 products ( I chose Samsung Galaxy because I have one and I like it), so 3 cubes having front cover as mobiles and a center cube having company logo. By default page has mouseover event active and is rotating the camera in room. Aditionally, using jQuery, I attach click events on pictures from left side bar, and by clicking these pics we get camera focus on 2 products (cubes). The render surface doesn't look so nice but I like the effect.

I think are a lot of practical 3d animations based on this idea (just my opinion) and these are:
- work presentation
- products presentation
- pictures presentation
- team presentation
- book presentation

Here is the demo: