11 Open Source Projects from Github created with Zend Framework and Doctrine ( 45 )



A short list of Projects created with Zend Framework and ( or ) Doctrine, all listed ( hosted ) on Github Social Coding. Zend Framework 2.0 structure is more clear now and realy nice to be used in projects. Zend Framework Starter Kit https://github.com/mgkimsal/zfkit Bal Cms https://github.com/balupton/balcms Doctrine2 + Sandbox https://github.com/Bittarman/d2-zf-sandbox Zend CMS https://github.com/bvincent/Zend-Cms Blog App https://github.com/harikt/zendblog FansubCMS https://github.com/hikaru-shindo/FansubCMS Zend Doctrine CMS https://github.com/jtietema/Fizzy Zend Framework Boilerplate https://github.com/michael-romer/zf-boilerplate Blog Zend / Doctrine https://github.com/mridgway/Blog ZendCMS https://github.com/topikito/ZendCMS Application Titan https://github.com/zucchi/titan