99 Symfony Based Open Source Projects Resources ( 51 )



A long list with Symfony projects from github, a good resource for developers which intend to start a Symfony app :) Symfony library app https://github.com/milpugeda/libraryapp Odino.org Source https://github.com/odino/odino_org Symfony Community https://github.com/ivanrey/Symfony-Community Timpany - Symfony-based web shop https://github.com/quafzi/timpany https://github.com/annismckenzie/timpany KiownGaming - website using symfony 1.4 https://github.com/kiown/KiownGaming Symfony project for Vine Church website https://github.com/userfriendly/The-Vine-Church A Ticketing system built using Symfony 2 and MongoDB https://github.com/cameroncox/springbok Symfony2CMS - CMS based on Symfony2 https://github.com/GrifiS/Symfony2CMS MelodyCart https://github.com/MelodyCart/MelodyCart phpYABS is a point of sale management system https://github.com/phpYABS/phpYABS Symfony Madrid Reloaded https://github.com/symfony-madrid/symfony-madrid-new Web application developed with Symfony to enable citizen participation in goverment decisions https://github.com/teclliure/demofony Open microblogging engine on PHP/Symfony Framework https://github.com/Gropher/joyreactor A simple hotel booking system with rooms management, written in PHP with Symfony 1.1 https://github.com/libersoft/BNB Open source membership management system written in Symfony2 https://github.com/clubmaster/clubmaster The AndroIRC website made with Symfony2 https://github.com/androirc/AndroBundle Symfony2 based contact management application https://github.com/ekhi/eddi Botanical Garden Management System https://github.com/elo329/ParqueSymfony Simple chat web application using symfony framework and hookbox comet server https://github.com/cridoret/cometChat Blog application in Symfony2 https://github.com/magnusnordlander/Bloghoven The Hangman game in Symfony2 https://github.com/hhamon/HangmanGame Standard Tutorial for Symfony Web Applications https://github.com/Broich/Symfony-Jobeet Symfony NYC https://github.com/Symfony-NYC/Symfony2-demo A profile site built using symfony https://github.com/isofarro/symfony-profile Another web-based project manager for scrum in symfony v1.4 https://github.com/phpleo/viper PHP BuySellTrade application using Symfony https://github.com/orthes/BuySellTrade Wiki application made with Symfony2 https://github.com/GromNaN/GitWikiApp Website of AndroIRC using symfony 1.4 https://github.com/androirc/sf-website A PHP Symfony webapp for creating daily discounts, giveaways similar to Groupon, Living Social https://github.com/rmillsap/Daily-Deals Symfony Standard 2.0.9 https://github.com/aizatto/symfony Symfony time tracker for project management. https://github.com/jreinke/time-tracker Sample Symfony Blog https://github.com/sruthi/Sample-Symfony-Blog Frameworks comparision application https://github.com/wowo/cities-symfony2 Simple Classified system, written in PHP 5.3 using the framework Symfony2 https://github.com/Germanaz0/smpcl A student portal made with Symfony 2 for a databases course on Chalmers. https://github.com/sebastianljunggren/TDA357 The complete website of mrdejong.nl written with symfony 2 https://github.com/mrdejong/mrdejong.nl Website of the "Atelier du Relieur". Made with Symfony2 https://github.com/gnutix/atelierdurelieur.ch SymfonyCast addressbook application Screencast https://github.com/foopro/screencast-addressbook Little personal movie db, based on Symfony2 https://github.com/pxlcore/movieDB Symfony 2 bases weblog system https://github.com/drssadowski/S2Press Colombo blog galery in symfony 2 https://github.com/samuelsantia/colombo-sf2 Personal website power by symfony2 https://github.com/miguel250/mlpz Red Social en Symfony 2 https://github.com/sebardo/sloo Drozia website, powered by Symfony 2.0 https://github.com/Drozia/drozia symfony blog software https://github.com/lithium/hlidskialf-blog Very simple portfolio web app based on symfony https://github.com/mirsal/simplefolio √ÉŇĹncadrarea √ÖŇłi orarul unei √ÖŇłcoli. Aplica√Ö¬£ie web bazat√Ą∆í pe PHP symfony. https://github.com/vladbazon/scorar Schedule generator for New Testament Bible reading. Requires symfony 1.4. https://github.com/melz/biblogen job site symfony https://github.com/h3ndr1k/jobeet Expences Symfony2 project https://github.com/wowo/ExpencesSymfony Blog bundle for Symfony 2 https://github.com/D2Nit/BlogBundle Scripts for hobiz.ru https://github.com/IldarManzhikov/hobiz Simple app showcasing some design patterns (using symfony) https://github.com/geoffnettaglich/simple-symfony Suivi du livre Symfony2 https://github.com/JackDaniels93/Cours-Sf2 A PHP Symfony Job site like Monster.com, Dice.com https://github.com/rmillsap/jobby-job Jobeet symfony turorial https://github.com/partkyle/jobeet Motor Wiki b√ɬ°sico desarrollado en symfony 2 https://github.com/palmasev/palmawiki Sample application for Symfony 2 presentation https://github.com/karolsojko/yNote Blog on Symfony 2 https://github.com/alicomo/sblog car rental web page for armada aman, using symfony 2 php framework https://github.com/azraaibaharin/car_rental SyrexCMS Based on Symfony 1.4 and Doctrine 1.2 https://github.com/GrifiS/SyrexCMS Blog a la ROW Example App in Symfony 2 https://github.com/jorisdejong85/Ultrablog website under symfony2 https://github.com/laupiFrpar/laupifrpar-old Water delivering website on symfony https://github.com/georg199041/WaterSf Sistema Administraci√ɬ≥n Iglesias https://github.com/damstevCorp/sadig_symfony A blog engine built on top of Symfony2 https://github.com/theUniC/christian.soronellas.es A hangman game with single- and multiplayer. Implemented with Symfony 1.2 https://github.com/kufi/Hangman Custom CMS for bureausituatif using the Symfony 1.4 framework https://github.com/ychadwick/bureausituatif symfony blogger blog https://github.com/showketbhat/symfony community page made in Symfony https://github.com/birko/Jamii Rezeptverwaltung mit dem Symfony2-Framework https://github.com/stwe/sgRecipes a simple site for jobs made with symfony2 https://github.com/kosaidpo/jobby Symfony community site in Belarus https://github.com/SergeySD/symfonyby LyraCMS A CMS developed with Symfony2 and Doctrine2 https://github.com/mgiagnoni/LyraCMS Engine for portfolio of web studio stfalcon.com. Powered by Symfony2 https://github.com/stfalcon/portfolio Jobeet Project built with Symfony2 https://github.com/ajessu/jobeet A BitTorrent tracker that makes podcast RSS feeds, written in the Symfony PHP framework. https://github.com/WIZARDISHUNGRY/sflimetracker French website built on Symfony2 https://github.com/ornicar/ltc Sitio web del grupo Symfony Madrid https://github.com/symfony-madrid/symfony-madrid CMS bas√ɬ© sur symfony https://github.com/pocky/peanut Simple blog using Symfony 2.0 DEV https://github.com/azat/blog A time tracker based on Symfony2, started at Coding Weekend PHPUGL 2011 https://github.com/phpugl/Dime A shop based on symfony https://github.com/quafzi/timpany-prototype SWGANH web portal https://github.com/anhstudios/symfony-swganh Site for conference Frameworks Days Powered by Symfony2 https://github.com/stfalcon/fwdays CMS in symfony2 html5 CSS3 JQuery https://github.com/ouardisoft/CMSsf liip.to with Symfony2 https://github.com/chregu/liip.two Films CMS writen on Symfony https://github.com/le0pard/Symfony_films Simple photo gallery in Symfony 2 https://github.com/dsyph3r/click peanut en version 2 - toujours copaing avec symfony https://github.com/LaBlackroom/peanut2 Talia-CMS Symfony-Based CMS for the Discovery Project https://github.com/net7/Talia-CMS China Fund Seeker Network (Powered by Symfony) https://github.com/xinbenlv/cfssf Trainer Symfony 2 / Doctrine MongoDB app for tracking sport activity https://github.com/dantleech/Trainer New engine for wallpaper.in.ua. Powered on Symfony2 https://github.com/stfalcon-studio/wallpaper A sample application developed with Symfony2 - Aplicaci√ɬ≥n de prueba desarrollada con Symfony2 https://github.com/javiereguiluz/Cupon Book publishing as easy as it should be (built with Symfony components) https://github.com/javiereguiluz/easybook A livechat application based on Symfony 2, Doctrine 2 ODM https://github.com/servergrove/ServerGroveLiveChat Sympal content management framework built on top of symfony 1.4 https://github.com/sympal/sympal