52 Open Source Cakephp Projects and Resources ( 54 )



Here is a fresh list of Cakephp Projects from Github. Github is the Nr.1 resource for Cakephp projects in my opinion, second place probably is occupied by Code Google and 3th place by Sourceforge. If you have Cakephp questions and If you didn't find yet the answer to these questions on cakephp google group or ask.cakephp.org than is a big chance to get it from github or stackoverflow.com. QuickAppsCMS / QuickApps-CMS https://github.com/QuickAppsCMS/QuickApps-CMS QuickApps CMS - Modular CMS powered by CakePHP 2.0 https://github.com/jonlyles/QuickApps cakecart A shopping cart based on cakephp https://github.com/samanz/cakecart Coordino Self-hosted Knowledge Software your question & answer system written on top of the CakePHP Framework https://github.com/Datawalke/Coordino Infinitas is an open source content management system that was developed using the CakePHP v1.3 framework. https://github.com/infinitas/infinitas Listter realize a dream social service. CakePHP 1.2 Based. https://github.com/KERBEROS3/Listter The Open Innovation Banking System SourceForge project! This is the codebase central for our developement community. — https://github.com/massidea/massidea-cakephp Creating a community in 5 minutes with CakePHP https://github.com/aidanlister/cakecommunity StarLight CakePHP mockup application and CMS https://github.com/z7/StarLight Academic is a minimalist blog CMS. https://github.com/academic-cms/academic Shopping Cart built with CakePHP PHP framework https://github.com/andraskende/cakephp-shopping-cart CakePHP Site Manager System https://github.com/derekanderson/amplio Marketplace CakePHP based marketplace software for classified ads https://github.com/topdsoft/Marketplace connectivo A simple CRM built with CakePHP https://github.com/jonbradley/connectivo CakePHP Linux Format Magazine Tutorials https://github.com/predominant/cakephp_linux_format Consumer Love, powered by CakePHP https://github.com/Dunhamzzz/Consumer-Love Sitio Web desarrollado en CakePHP https://github.com/fhernandezn/Vende-Arrienda-Alquila Beta-development of the social money app, powered by CakePHP. Developed by Konscript. https://github.com/laander/socialmoney Boston Conference Management System - CakePHP Plugin https://github.com/andrewcurioso/BostonConference A simple bookmarking application powered by CakePHP. https://github.com/mattphp/bookmarks A URL shortener app written in CakePHP https://github.com/iainmullan/ebtnes cakemarks Singe user bookmark page powered by CakePHP https://github.com/martin-ueding/cakemarks HotOrNot Simple voting script written in CakePHP https://github.com/MadMikeyB/HotOrNot Website for andrewhthomas.com, built on the CakePHP framework. https://github.com/randomswathe/andrewhthomas.com A Simple Twitter Clone Using CakePhp https://github.com/ahmedkotb/ktwitter CakePHP Webshop https://github.com/mmeiboom/CustomWebshop An open source photographer tool written in cakephp https://github.com/FlorianH/Markab Jobshare Webapplication with CakePHP 1.3.8 https://github.com/cschweizer/jobshare Evento Exemplo CakePHP https://github.com/ka1osk/evento Personal Finance Manager using CakePHP https://github.com/awilner/Piggy A very basic web analytics tool written on CakePHP https://github.com/napoleond/Ananke A cakePHP based program that can help car dealers track their inventory, customers and sales https://github.com/topdsoft/Auto-Dealer-Software A Wordpress clone on top of CakePHP https://github.com/bruensicke/cakepress An app for requesting songs on our office speakers. Built on cakePHP, MetaTune, and Spotify API server https://github.com/dbarbar/spotbox Blog realizado con el framework CakePHP https://github.com/speraltar/CakePHP-2.0-Blog A CMS system built on CakePHP 2 https://github.com/Lochii/Barricade Simple unobtrusive cakephp / jquery based ad management system https://github.com/phredeye/adrotator A project management tool built in CakePHP. https://github.com/damiandawber/Dopamine online shop app with cakePHP https://github.com/mornaheru/ecommerce lyrics search engine written in cakephp https://github.com/amrosama2020/Lyrics-Dog A Classifieds website created with cakephp and jquery https://github.com/isaacraja/CakePHP-Classifieds A blog using CakePHP. https://github.com/orientalspirit/Blog experimetal social network writen in cakephp framenwork https://github.com/quaplo/asocial CakePHP app for top 10 lists created by users https://github.com/primeminister/Top10 CakePHP gallery script https://github.com/jmcgonegal/MediaGallery complete todolist webapp in CakePHP, jQuery https://github.com/paatsinsuwan/TodoList Powerful forum plugin for CakePHP. https://github.com/milesj/cake-forum CakePHP based CMS https://github.com/razbakov/EpisodeCMS A Support website using cakePHP https://github.com/shroff/cakesupport Bookmarking Service (CakePHP Example) https://github.com/predominant/bookmark QuickApps CMS built on CakePHP v2 - Drupal for Bakers http://www.quickappscms.org/ Free youtube script built on CakePHP http://www.agrizlive.com/free-php-scripts/free-tube-script-free-youtube-script-15.html Creating a community in 5 minutes with CakePHP https://github.com/aidanlister/cakecommunity CakesTrap is a HTML5 CakePHP 2.1.x Bootstrap https://github.com/hugodias/cakeStrap