Creating a Orrery 3D Hologram in Three.JS ( 60 )



The Orrery 3D Hologram from Prometheus Movie had a big visual impact on all of us. I am still thinking every day on that fantastic 3D animation and I even set that Orrery 3D Hologram as Wallpaper on my Desktop. So began my first idea to create a little Orrery animation in Three.js, not very complex, because every 3D animation eats a lot of CPU.

It's not much what I did, it looks more like a Mockup, the scene has some random particles grouped as Planets or Stars. The geometry shapes are very simple because a fine shape with lots of polygons needs more CPU power on render. First version was using THREE.CanvasRenderer but after some work on the code, adding more and more geometry objects, I had to change it into THREE.WebGLRenderer.

Here is the Orrery 3D WebGL Demo ( run only in Chrome Browser! ):

Orrery 3D on video: