3 Practical Retina Plugins for your website ( 68 )



Few months ago I saw the okzoom Plugin which according to github is one year old. I kept in mind the idea but I didn't figured out where to use it. Till yesterday.
Actually Retina is perfect for a preview mode, imagine that you have a portfolio page with small images. On hover or mouseenter you can use Retina for middle image preview and on click you can start a lightbox or an modal window slider, fancybox or whatever. Next list has the Retina's Plugins that looks cool to me:
OKZoom JQuery plugin http://okfoc.us/okzoom/

Apple-like Retina Effect With jQuery http://tutorialzine.com/2010/06/apple-like-retina-effect-jquery-css/

ImageLens – A jQuery plug-in for Lens Effect Image Zooming http://www.dailycoding.com/Posts/imagelens__a_jquery_plugin_for_lens_effect_image_zooming.aspx