7 Tools for better Excel into Javascript Formula conversion ( 72 )



Sometimes you have to deal with these things, to convert some Excel Formula in other programming language. It can be php, javascript, C++ or whatever. Most of topics are answered on stackoverflow.com as usual but searching on web, brings you also links to some tools that help on this process.

Curious thing is that, these Converters/Beautifiers are not able to transform Base to Exponent Power, which has to be like:

# Excel formula example: =ROUND((P12/100+1)^(1/P13)-1);6
// Here ;6 means Numerical Precision 6.
// Same formula in Javascript: =Math.round( (Math.pow(1 + (P12/100), 1/P13) - 1) * 100000) /100000;
// Same formula in PHP: =(round(pow(1 + (P12/100), 1/P13) - 1) * 100000) /100000;

The list bellow contains some of these as Beautifiers, Parsers or Analysers
Excel Formula Beautifier http://excelformulabeautifier.com/ https://github.com/joshatjben/excelFormulaUtilitiesJS
JavaScript parser generator http://zaach.github.io/jison/demos/calc/ http://zaach.github.io/jison/ https://github.com/zaach/jison
Formula.js - JavaScript implementation of most formula functions supported by Microsoft Excel 2013 and Google Spreadsheets http://stoic.com/formula/
Excel Formula Parsing http://ewbi.blogs.com/develops/2004/12/excel_formula_p.html
Calx calculate the value based on given formula, just like Excel does. http://www.xsanisty.com/calx/formula/ https://github.com/zaach/jison
Handsontable 0.9.16 a minimalistic Excel-like data grid editor for HTML, JavaScript & jQuery http://handsontable.com/ https://github.com/warpech/jquery-handsontable
PHPExcel A pure PHP library for reading and writing spreadsheet files https://github.com/PHPOffice/PHPExcel