80 Github Open Source Projects based on Silex PHP Framework ( 74 )



Despite that I am fan of CodeIgniter, Cakephp and Zend, just looking over the Silex micro-framework code I realized that I wish to use it on my projects, especially because is based on Symfony2 and is flat. Having a flat core is sometimes a good idea because not every projects needs all features and libs available as base package. Here is an interesting list of projects hosted by github.org: Silex + Northwind db + Doctrine ORM + Twitter Bootstrap https://github.com/glisandro/Silex-Northwind A boilerplate for a Web app written with Silex, Twig, LESS and MongoDB https://github.com/evNN/silex-boilerplate Blog fait avec Symfony2 et Silex https://github.com/benji07/Silex-Blog Starter project for Silex and Twig https://github.com/stursby/Silex-starter Simple Boilerplate for Silex PHP Framework including Twig Template Engin https://github.com/fbrandel/silex-boilerplate Open Portfolio using Silex https://github.com/AndresSaa/Portfolio-Silex Simple url shortener with silex using the urlshortenerappserviceprovider https://github.com/Mparaiso/silex-shorten-it Twig + Silex + 404 + Swiftmailer + Jquery + Tipsy + Reset CSS Boilerplate https://github.com/deuskaos/Twig-with-Silex-Boilerplate Skeleton Silex App set up for functional testing https://github.com/orukusaki/SkeletonSilexApp Boilerplate for Silex and HTML5 https://github.com/fredr/silex-html5-boilerplate web application to shorten an Uniform Resource Locator (URL), built with Silex. https://github.com/FlorianWolters/PHP-Application-UrlShortener-Silex Application manager for Silex https://github.com/dcousineau/orlex Blog on Silex https://github.com/saitovod/blog Integration of Silex FacebookSDK via Faceboo with Doctrine, Twig and Monolog https://github.com/emgiezet/SilexFacebookAppSkeleton Silex Doctrine ORM provider https://github.com/sir-malefici/Silex-Doctrine-ORM-provider Wordpress client written in Silex https://github.com/ggalmazor/SilexWordpressOld A simple example to demonstrate the basic usage of Twig in Silex. https://github.com/starapple/Silex-Twig-Example Silex with Boomgo / MongoDB, Bootstrap & I18n. https://github.com/Retentio/Boomstone Microblog based on Silex and MongoDB https://github.com/bbaga/mongoblog A CRUD application for Silex https://github.com/TiteiKo/Culin silex todolist https://github.com/cordoval/fazer portfolio with silex and propel https://github.com/AsBilou/portfolio ToDo list using Silex https://github.com/jasonburt/ToDo StoneApple - Silex + Pomm + Behat webapplication. https://github.com/Lisje/StoneApple Madalynn website using Silex https://github.com/androirc/madalynn Mvc service for Silex. https://github.com/unlight/Mvc Facebook service provider for Silex. https://github.com/erivello/FacebookServiceProvider Paginator service provider for Silex https://github.com/euskadi31/PaginatorServiceProvider Presentación de Silex para Jornadas Symfony 2011 https://github.com/nacmartin/silexslides Boilerplate for Silex App with Twig and TwitterBootstrap https://github.com/roberto-butti/bp_double_tw Silex service provider for Doctrine extensions. https://github.com/umpirsky/DoctrineExtensionsServiceProvider Personal website project. Made with Silex https://github.com/qpautrat/bonplan sports scheduling app built on silex https://github.com/kferran/teamTracker A pastebin written using the Silex framework. https://github.com/ryanc/pastebin A Silex service provider for Doctrine ORM. https://github.com/kherge/Entities Restful todo app with silex and angular.js https://github.com/FlintLabs/training-todo Silex based app https://github.com/korstiaan/korstiaan.com Facebook API and connect integration into your Silex applications https://github.com/GromNaN/FacebookServiceProvider Amazon Web Services service provider for Silex https://github.com/edwinschaap/aws-service-provider Pastebin type app created with the Silex micro-framework https://github.com/AdamBoxall/Paste The web site for Silex Labs projects https://github.com/SilexLabsThirdParty/projects.silexlabs.org Twig/Silex/MongoDB powered Blog Engine https://github.com/bloodywing/LightBlog-Engine API REST using Silex, Doctrine, SQLITE. https://github.com/medinadato/restbeer A backend store for the Annotator – based on PHP/Silex and SQLite https://github.com/ikr/annotator-store-lite Doctrine ODM service provider for Silex , supports MongoDB https://github.com/Mparaiso/doctrineodmserviceprovider A lightweight web app for rTorrent using Silex and AngularJS https://github.com/xadet/ngTorrent A Silex framework service provider to FaceDetection lib https://github.com/marcelomx/FaceDetectionServiceProvider Doctrine ORM service provider extension for Silex https://github.com/Mparaiso/doctrineormserviceprovider Project CRM et plus sous silex https://github.com/sogos/CluddyProject Silex Provider for Doctrine MongoDb Abstraction Layer https://github.com/danspam/DoctrineMongoDB A simple authentication service for Silex PHP framework https://github.com/tyaga/AuthenticatorService A Silex application that displays videos in a Vimeo album https://github.com/boxuk/tech-talks A simple Facebook service for Silex PHP framewor https://github.com/redefinelab/FacebookService The source code of the easybook website https://github.com/easybook/easybook-project.org Loris is a full web application stack built on top of Silex https://github.com/danielmunro/loris An open source bioinformatics application built using Silex, ExtJS 4.2 and MariaDB https://github.com/tmpjr/itaya personal website powered by Silex with some Zend2 packages and Symfony2 components https://github.com/titomiguelcosta/myPersonalWebsite simple contact form app based on Silex, Twig, SwiftMailer https://github.com/brtriver/MameForm Building a WordPress framework using Symfony2 components. Similar to Silex. https://github.com/carlalexander/SymfoPress My personal website based on Silex, Symfony2, Twig, SwiftMailer https://github.com/jeremyb/jeremybarthe.com Silex Labs website for html5 editor project https://github.com/SilexLabsThirdParty/html5-editor.org Simple Silex based application to search in literature references imported from BibTex files hosted on pagodabox https://github.com/geissler/lhk Adds a simple file-backed blog to Silex and Symfony apps, based on popular static blogging frameworks. https://github.com/nodepub/BlogEngine a minimal web application framework for PHP 5.3 or later inspired by Silex based on Lune https://github.com/hiroy/karinto miniblog https://github.com/sgomez/miniblog photography portfolio based on PHP Silex micro-framework https://github.com/eexit/Portfolio TorrentEdit edits tracker list from torrent files https://github.com/hush2/torrentedit Custom CMS module using silex as application engine and jquery for frontend logic https://github.com/tworzenieweb/ecms Mini web-app, written in silex, to remember whose turn it is to fetch lunch. https://github.com/RobMasters/Lunch A distance finding web script written with the Silex and TWIG frameworks https://github.com/mcross1882/DistanceFinder QR code service provider for silex using endroid/qrcode https://github.com/gonzalo123/qrserviceprovider TransApp is an application based on the Silex micro framework designed to facilitate the integration of websites in Symfony 2 https://github.com/VOID-MAROC/TransApp basic list app to track what movies a group of people has/wants. mostly to try out silex and knockout. https://github.com/jerrt/moviewants An application that show tattoo and sketch for a friend of mine. Developed with RESTful tecnique with Silex, Knockout Js and Twitter Bootstrap. https://github.com/gabrieledarrigo/tattoo Bolt is a simple CMS written in PHP. It is based on Silex and Symfony components, uses Twig and either SQLite, MySQL or Postgres. https://github.com/bolt/bolt A blog engine powered with Silex and MongoDB in php https://github.com/Mparaiso/Silex-Blog-App Basic Silex starter app. https://github.com/allmarkedup/silex-starter silex-blog https://github.com/jwpage/silex-blog Silex + Northwind db + Doctrine ORM + Twitter Bootstrap https://github.com/glisandro/Silex-Northwind