Trendy PHP Frameworks on Git repositories 2013 ( 76 )



Well, it seems that, the most used php framework is CodeIgniter, if we take a look on and repository results.

It is maybe, because CodeIgniter is more accessible, not so complex as installation or configuration, also compatible with old php versions and more flexible like other Frameworks.

Judging about Starring level, which is kind of booking, Symfony gets the big prize but on Fork Top CodeIgniter remains top One.

One other interesting fact is that mostly all repositories are going to slowdown, analysing by number of Contributors displayed on Graphs. By Commits some Graphs are showing an almost dead activity on Kohana and Lithium.

Code frequency which is Additions and Deletions per week, shows that Symfony is the most active project from all. Almost with no exception punch card Graph shows that coders are doing commits on a day light, activity starts at 3am and is increased reaching peaks at 11pm/12am midnight.


Repository Starring Top

Symfony 7,401
Laravel 6,965
CodeIgniter 6,749
Zend framework 4,415
Cakephp 4,268
silexphp 1,912
Kohana 1,321
Fuel 708
Lithium 833


Repository Forks Top

CodeIgniter 3,222
Symfony 2,684
Zend framework 2,475
Laravel 2,146
Cakephp 1,674
Silexphp 409
Kohana 308
Fuel 273
Lithium 215

------------------------ repository results

codeigniter 3,131
symfony 2,997
zend 2,786
cakephp 2,765
laravel 1,848
kohana 1,831
silex 684
fuelphp 426
lithium 261
------------------------------------ repository results

codeigniter 677
zend 187
cakephp 167
laravel 142
symfony 134
kohana 88
silex 31
fuelphp 21


Google results

zend framework 4,350,000
symfony framework 3,840,000
cakephp framework 3,830,000
codeigniter framework 3,720,000
laravel framework 478,000
kohana framework 467,000
silex framework 173,000
fuelphp framework 91,800


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