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Some time ago I've been written a small piece of code because I was not able to find a similar ones on the web, simple and clear. Somewhere in between I discovered the cart from JSAJAXPayPalCart but was to complex for what I needed and to much code, so I decided to make my own. This Cart idea fits also with Bookmarks concepts or any other scope that involve a client side functionality where you you have to give possibility to users to do a collection of items that are on the pages displayed. This code can run with normal cookies as storage but also localStorage HTML5 feature. Both cases are saving information in JSON format.
Code is fully available on www.github.com https://github.com/maranemil/jquery_pandacart

Adding an item having id, name and price would be

$.addCart('6','Audi A1','250');

To delete an item from Cart like id=6, just write


To remove all items from Cart just call


Demo Panda Cart:


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