8 Code Search Engines ( 93 )



Are you searching sometimes code snippets, code examples? Then you have to try next list of webs, a bunch of search engines, retrieving Code snippets from many different sources. Sometimes the results can bring you nice solutions or ideas to accomplish your work.

Sluse Archive http://sluse.com/tags/php
Code Snippets Collection http://icodesnip.com/search/php http://icodesnippet.com/search?q=php
Source Code Search, NerdyData: https://search.nerdydata.com/
searchcode, A source code search engine: http://searchcode.com/
Ohloh Code by Black Duck, code search engine: https://code.ohloh.net/
Linux code search engine: http://livegrep.com/search/linux
meanpath code search engine: https://meanpath.com/ https://meanpath.com/f/
Perl code search engine: http://nullege.com/
Russian Code Search Engine: http://wbex.ru/ http://wbex.ru/index.php/PHP/String/preg_replace