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It's 2014, yet some Browsers like Internet Explorer and Safari don't deal right with third-party cookies, making our life a hell.
So, for those using frame, frameset and iframe, here is a list of pages which may bring solutions for Django, ASP.NET, C#, PHP, JSP and ColdFusion websites. There is no straight way to get a solution, you'll need to test maybe hours to make p3p running, testing many type of parameters for your header.

There are different ways to tell the browser (IE & Safari) that included page in frame/iframe is using a p3p policy. First method is to tell the header from iframe that has to use a p3p policy thru scripts (php,asp,coldfusion).


Second method is to define this policy in htaccess mod_headers directive.
[IfModule mod_headers.c]
Header set P3P "policyref=\"/w3c/p3p.xml\", CP=\"NOI DSP COR NID CUR ADM DEV OUR BUS\""

The third method is to write in html page (head)
<meta http-equiv="P3P" content='CP="NOI DSP COR NID CUR ADM DEV OUR BUS"'>
<link rel="P3Pv1" href="/w3c/p3p.xml" />

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