35 Best Job Portals in Germany ( 99 )



I did this list last year when I change my carrer and I want to share this list with you in case that you are looking for a new job, a new challenge or just want to see oportunities on the market. The first list is made from websites that look professional, more intuitive as navigation and search, more valuable as results and content. The second list has "altmodishes" old style looking webs, not so easy to surf and get info. Thinking in retrospective, I would say that most of the jobs that you are going to find are for qualified poeple, for engineers, managers, it and automotive. If you are in hurry to get feedback quickly from job offers I will recommend you to send your CV directly to Companies and less to Personal Recruiting Companies. If you are able to wait 3-6 months or more for feedback, than Personal Recruiting Companies are exactly what are you looking for.
Here are the best Job Portals in Germany:

http://de.gigajob.com/ * http://de.indeed.com/ * http://de.jobtome.com/ * http://itjobs.silicon.de/ * http://jobboerse.arbeitsagentur.de/ * http://jobs.cebit.de/ * http://jobs.trovit.de/ * http://jobsearch.money.cnn.com/ * http://stellenanzeige.monster.de * http://stuttgart.jobstimme.de/ * http://t3n.de/jobs/ * http://www.careerbuilder.de/ * http://www.careerjet.at/ * http://www.careerjet.de/ * http://www.computerfutures.com/ * http://www.deinjob.de * http://www.get-in-it.de/ * http://www.glassdoor.com/ * http://www.itjobboard.de/ * http://www.jobb├â┬Ârse.com/ * http://www.jobkralle.ch/ * http://www.jobkralle.de/ * http://www.jobs.at/ * http://www.jobswype.at * http://www.jobs.de/ * http://www.joinvision.com/jobs * http://www.karriere.at/ * http://www.kimeta.de/ * http://www.njobs.de/ * http://www.renego.de/ * http://www.simplyhired.de/ * http://www.stepstone.de/ * http://www.timeworkers.de * http://www.webentwickler-jobs.de/ * http://www.xn--jobbrse-d1a.com/ * https://www.gulp.de/ * https://www.kazini.de/ * https://zutun.de/ *

I can't say that the next list contain bad websites, is just that feeling when you look at layout and refuse to surf deeper on pages, at last I do.

http://jooble-de.com/ http://stellenmarkt.sueddeutsche.de/ http://stepstone.welt.de/ http://stuttgart.locanto.de/ http://www.backinjob.de/ http://www.cesar.de/ http://www.ferchau.de/ http://www.jobb├â┬Ârse.de/ http://www.jobrobot.de/ http://www.jobs3000.net/ http://www.letitshine.de/ http://www.opportuno.de/ http://www.portalderwirtschaft.de/ http://www.suedfinder.de/ http://www.xn--jobbrse-d1a.de/ http://www.yourfirm.de/