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Vertical 3D Gallery Carousel using jQuery Roundabout Shapes Plugin

Published by: Emil // Date 16.7.2012 // Views: 9406 // Add to Twitter :: Facebook

From the start I have to say that the result is not 100% what I wish to have but is a 3D vertical image rotator. The idea came after I saw the 3D rotator from Dote Design Agency www.dotedesign.com which is an amazing 3D Flash rotator, especially because on loading is rotating fast the items. Today I discovered a webkit rotator from Apple website showcases https://developer.apple.com/safaridemos/showcase/gallery/ which does the same job but the sad part is that this webkit is not supported in all browsers.

So, this demo is based on Roundabout Shapes Plugin http://fredhq.com/projects/roundabout-shapes/ using waterWheel, vertical version of the Lazy Susan shape. On mousemove event has updates for setTilt and animateToNextChild Roundabout callbacks

You can run the demo here:

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